Winter is here, the TV beckons

Posted on Thu 02 November 2006 by alex in general

I'm testing out the limits of NTL's usage policy over the next few days. I'm currently 2 episodes of Lost behind (and despite PA's take I'm still hooked). I'm also catching up on Spooks having played catch up to sync with the broadcasts I've fallen back again because watching the downloads is so damned convenient. I've got the 3rd episode of Robin Hood currently queued up although it's more out of fascination to see how the train wreck will continue. I expect I won't be downloading the forth. I thought I'd have a go at watching the Amazing Mrs Pritchard (I saw the first episode and was intrigued by the concept). I'm trying to put some of the new US series out of my mind until they hit their UK air dates.

This is not to say broadcast is dead. Thursday still continues to be a good TV night. BBC One's advertising shizzle is temping me to The State Within and the return of Never Mind the Buzzcocks later on BBC 2. Then Andy will no doubt retire to his room as I see how much consternation yesterdays intervention by the Speaker causes on Question Time and This Week.

When was I going to catch up on those downloads again?