No-score draw

Posted on Sun 05 November 2006 by alex in general

I should of stayed watching TV but I instead attempted to tackle the DIY. I'm now up one working extractor fan but it seems I exceeded the weight tolerance on the toilet bowl. As Aidan keeps mentioning it was cracked anyway but it's obviously not meant as a Workman's platform. I'm pretty sure fitting a new toilet bowl and tank should be within my abilities.

Last nights Paul Simon gig was fun. It was one of the more laid back gigs I've been top in a while - at least compared to Prodigy last time I was at the M.E.N. Arena. He played quite a wide range of his repertoire including a number of tracks with just him and a guitar. All in all a relaxing gig. There where a few shocked whispers between some of the older members of the crowd when a couple of the scally's lit up their spliffs but the front of house staff didn't seem to notice the large rather obvious plumes of smoke. Of course everyone was too polite to mention it the scallys themselves. I of course missed the annual Dangerous Fireworks do so I don't know what happened there. I think I'd of heard if someone had been set on fire again.