Morning Smiles

Posted on Fri 10 November 2006 in general

Humph was on Desert Island Discs this morning which brought smile to my face. Especially given my boiler is playing up again. Hopefully getting it serviced won't cost and arm and a leg.

Beer is firmly in the air again. The off-license near Ste had a nice selection of Holt's ales which was unexpected. They were seasonal good winter ales which probably explains why the walk back from Eccles didn't seem that long or cold. I did keep back a bottle of Marston's Double Drop for Thursday. The point to all of this of course is leading up to tonight's UMIST beer festival. As long as I stick to my one book of tickets rule and don't spend ?50 getting bad music played on the "jukebox" I should be in reasonable shape for tomorrows DIY. I'd better be as I'm off to Jodrell Bank for most of Sunday!