Bitesize Weekend

Posted on Mon 20 November 2006 in general

I eschewed Michelle and Nook's Wedding Reception for spending the weekend in the company of Fliss who was visiting for the weekend. We saw Casino Royale on Friday. It was a bit bitty compared to your usual Bond fare although that may be down to the plotting required to establish the character. I found the product placement a little grating, especially the "Is that a Rolex? No it's an Omega" line. I wonder if the writers cringed as much for that line as I did.

Saturday involved introducing Fliss to the Blues Brothers which she seemed to enjoy. We then cooked for Aidan and Gillian, drinking all the wine, before heading over to Phil and Karl's little soiree. Despite being quite tipsy when we got there I managed to successfully moderate my intake of Champagne and Cocktails to be in reasonably good shape the next day.

Sunday involved a walk down the canal to Sale before a swift pint and alcohol shopping. I had a rather poor attempt at apple pie to go with the bolognaise. Fliss did considerably better at picking the evenings wine. We spent the rest of the evening lazing in front of the TV including taking in Torchwood. The show has now approached the point where I just laugh at the silliness of it all. It's still required Sunday watching though :-)