Pool, Ducks, Trains

Posted on Mon 27 November 2006 in general

I had a lovely weekend down in the big smoke visiting Fliss, Roo and Jay. Once I got to London I did a brief wander around the seat of government before heading down to the Namco Station. Apart from one particularly good run of shots my pool skills showed definite signs of needing polishing.

Fliss took me to Borough Market on Saturday morning. It's a fantastic food lovers market where I had to force my self to hold back from tasting everything. The smells emanating from all the stalls caused a lot of temptation. We picked up some bacon for the next morning and I found a beer shop which had a 75cl bottle of Chimay Reserve which I added to the growing pile of ales I had picked up over the day. I've been promised the chance to visit it again next time I'm down in London. The rest of the afternoon was filled with Ski gear shopping for the holiday in January.

We had Roo and Jay over on Saturday night for an evening meal. Fliss cooked a fantastic duck complete with port and orange sauce. The Chimay proved a nice starter followed by some excellent wine. I slept quite full and contently :-)

Sunday was quite a lazy day. The bacon and lamb from the previous day made a nice breakfast which was walked off with a wonder around Tooting. We then lounged watching Grosse Pointe Blank before I had to head back to Manchester.

I was on the slower of the return trains which was a bit of a pain. However it did give a chance to read the rather funny The Futurological Congress by Stanislaw Lem. It will definitely make good source material if I ever run another Paranoia game.