Posted on Mon 04 December 2006 by alex in geek

You would think that B&Q would stock 24mm or 26mm spanners given that you need to tighten the bits on standard stock 15mm pipe fittings. It was a bit of a pain but I managed to get everything capped off nicely. The plan to remove the old toilet was slightly scuppered by Sunday's hangover courtesy of some Polish Vodka from last nights party. I wouldn't normally touch the stuff and it come in a unlabelled plastic bottle and had a slight turpentine like taste. The guy seemed quite insistent people try it out. I should really stick to general rule of avoiding spirits. Next week I think I shall be having a few alcohol free days in the gym by way of compensation. Sasha is coming up on Friday and I want to be rested for it. Friday gigs are hard work.