Posted on Sat 09 December 2006 by alex in general

I went to see Sasha last night at the Old Brewery. We had Aidan and Gillian, Fez and T, and Ste. Sam brought along his lovely girlfriend Jill who had travelled up from London. I also had a couple of chaps from work, Rikki the party animal and Jim. I had a fantastic night. I think the sound system has been improved (or possibly better suited to Sasha's progressive house than 2 Many DJ's electro mash-ups). Some shapes were in fact thrown in the temple of dance. Aidan may of even taken a good picture of me! Everyone seem to have a good time although some started drifting home to sleep from 2 to 3. I went the full distance (until 4) with Rikki waiting until the turntables stopped spinning. As a result I didn't have the post gig gathering I was expecting at the house. I now have a fridge's worth of supplies for Strawberry and Banana smoothies all to myself ;-)