Good intentions, meet wayside

Posted on Tue 12 December 2006 in general

Today I'm working from home as I wait for some fresh porcelain to arrive at my house. I say I'm working from home but currently the VPN is down so I've been reduced to watching TV and surfing the 'net while waiting for our IT people to fix it. Still I was at work until 11 last night working on a "super urgent bug" so I think my credit it good.

I wasn't planning to do much on the Saturday. My mention of smoothies did however entice Aidan and Gillian to visit for the evening. Between us we ate a small mountain of various curried foods alongside with a few bottles of a rather nice Merlot. We watched a chunk of Family Guy and the wrapped up version of Pulp Fiction I got some time ago. It reminded me of how much I like Tarantino's dialogue and films.

I had however planned ahead and brought some flooring and valves with the intention of doing some low brain power work on Sunday. As it happened I spent most of Sunday lazing about watching TV. Very relaxing but not achieving much in terms of restoring my house to two toilet status :-)