Posted on Thu 21 December 2006 in general

I'm quite tired this morning. The last 3 days I've been getting to bed well after my usual bedtime and it's been taking it's toll. Monday and Tuesday evening were taken up with frantic DIY as I wall-papered the toilet as part of Operation Loo. I had a break last night for the Wednesday Meal's Christmas outing which happily coincided with Marcus' birthday drinks at Sinclairs. Tonight I have the painting to look forward to and maybe if I'm done quickly the flooring (they are only vinyl tiles). If I get the flooring done I can at least have a few festive drinks on Friday night, although not too many as I'm driving down to my folks at denial a.m. on Saturday morning. I've scheduled the actual fitting of the toilet for 29th (Marcus helpfully pointed out the 28th is probably not a day to be using gas torches). That leaves me a whole day to clean the house and think about what I'm wearing for the party. I suspect this Christmas won't be as relaxed and laid back as normal. I shall have to wait for the Skiing near the end of January for that ;-)