Champagne is Nice

Posted on Fri 22 December 2006 by alex in general

So Champagne was on offer at four in the afternoon which even while coding Perl was a sufficient inducement to finish early. I was unable to resist the Christmas cheer and joined my fellow work college for a few jars (in half pint measures, I'm driving tomorrow) before heading home. As a result the flooring has remained undone, it has been rescheduled to the 27th before Ste's birthday party. I shall spend the rest of the evening watching people decry the state of our transport infrastructure before packing for home.

In other news I think I am developing Wii lust. Having discussed it at length with a few friends from work I think it will only take a decent playtest before I'm ordering one as stocks are replenished. I'll need something to tide me over until the PS3 approaches good value for money.