Christmas is coming....

Posted on Sun 24 December 2006 in general

The drive down was a bit of a pain. The denial a.m. departure was good in so far as the M6 proved to be a breeze. The predicted fog of doom seemed mostly absent. However some idiot managed to prang themselves on the A14 so I spent an hour or so stuck in my stationary car listing to the radio. Still I made it home under 5 hours which was still marginally better than the train and with a lot more baggage capacity.

It seems like a very small Christmas this year as my brother is working over the holidays. We settled down to Good Night and Good Luck last night which was interesting. It's quite an understated film though but worthwhile watching if you want to get a sense of the McCarthy era. Fun piece of trivia: Test audiences who saw the film thought the person playing Senator McCarthy was over-acting despite the fact they used library footage of the real McCarthy in the film.

Today has been mainly concerned with eating a lovely Lamb Shank (courtesy of my Mother) and chatting to Australia over skype. I really must get round to wrapping those presents before tomorrow :-)