Traffic, Parties, Adverts

Posted on Thu 28 December 2006 in general

The trip back yesterday was a bit of a pain. It took five and a half hours which is a little longer than usual. This had a knock on effect making me late for Ste's. The party was quieter than previous years but was nice to catch up with people and meet some new ones. I came back with rest of the massive at an early 3 in the morning.

Today has been quite a quiet day. Apart from brief activity to make some BLT sandwiches. After a chunk of Family Guy we switched to Sci-Fi's Angel fest. Angel itself was entertaining stuff but it seems the current advertising policy is to book the same ad sequence for the day. This means every ad break for the last 4 hours has had the same adverts. I found this rather off-putting. I think an early night will be called for tonight and I have plenty of things to do tomorrow.