All plumbed in

Posted on Sat 30 December 2006 in general

"A simple job" my Dad mused today "is one were you only make two trips to B&Q". So the accumulated knowledge of my forefathers played out today. The second trip for a widget to mate my lovingly constructed copper bypass with the plastic of the cistern feed. Unfortunately by the time I realised I was missing tap and plug hole bits for the sink I decided a third trip would be pain. I have to spend most of tomorrow cleaning, cooking and thinking about what I'm actually going to wear for the theme, the usefully generic "Movies" option. I'd better have a good costume lest I get lynched ;-)

I am now relaxing to Top Gear and desired to know who The Stig actually was. So of course I went to that bastion of un-sourced, randomly contributed material Wikipedia. However I doubt Britannica has an article on the Stig. Well not that I can access anyway :-) The general article quality it pretty good and had references to source material. It didn't tell me the definitive answer but certainly sated my transient curiosity. This is only one way the 'net has been great today :-)

I think I'm OD'ing on Sadam news now. Yes he was a bad guy, no it was wrong to execute him (on principle) however I'm not exactly losing sleep about it. Is there anything else happening in the world? Maybe something seasonally cheery?