Happy New Year

Posted on Tue 02 January 2007 by alex in general

A happy "brand spanking new" 2007 to everyone. I hope everyone finds it a fulfilling one.

The party seemed to go well. I reckon we had at least 70% participation in the theme. It was probably higher if you count the number of "technicians" and "press" people we had! The house seemed pretty full without being too crowded and everyone looked as though they were having a good time. Mark brought a selection of bottles of various home brew type stuff including a pea-pod wine and some "Champagne-like" home brew. I have to say I preferred Helen's brownies but I did try one or two sips of the various wines. We had visitors from as far afield as London and Newcastle, it was nice to have Jo and Ed visiting Manchester. I think I finally crashed to bed around 6.30 in the morning after turfing Lee out of it and into the mattress downstairs.

Monday was pretty much filled with moderate tidying and general BLT munching and loafing. We did watch the Sarah Jane Adventures (Wikipedia already up-to date on continuity ;-) which was rated more highly than the over to top silliness of Torchwood's end of season. However it is kids TV so I doubt I'll be rushing home to watch in on Monday afternoons. I really hope they don't spread the Who franchise too thin though, I don't want the main show taken down because the failure of the spin-offs rubs off on it.

This week should be an easy one, I've already booked Friday off as Fliss is visiting following her month abroad :-)