The Transformed Man

Posted on Mon 08 January 2007 in general

I'm slightly melancholic today (but only slightly as I'm off to London on Friday). I've had a lovely long weekend with Fliss (enhanced by her early arrival). I prodigious quantity of film watching was one of the primary themes of the weekend. The somehow appropriate Kiss Kiss Bang Bang kicked it all off. It's a nicely understated but funny noir-ish film about a private eye and bumbling accomplice based in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr plays to type alongside a refreshingly funny Val Kilmer. Fliss brought Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany's which I hadn't seen. This required me to plumb the VHS player back into the TV. I think of the two I preferred Casablanca although I should probably not have timed all the screen kisses :-).

Before Gillian's birthday on Saturday evening we headed out with Andy and Sal to see Eragon. Andy liked it but Fliss and I spent most of the film cringing at the "Fantasy plot by numbers" approach to the plot. I was slightly mollified by the fact the film was based on a children's book (which looks suspiciously like a rip-off of McCaffrey). Having said that the acting wasn't overly bad and it certainly did look pretty.

When we arrived at the party I received a number of compliments on my appearance. However I'm afraid I have little to do with the look, the shirt being a lovely Christmas present from Fliss who has also spent some time getting my hair to approach some sort of "Bed Head" look. A chunk of the discussion that evening revolved around the sort of shoes I should be buying. It seemed I was woefully undereducated on the correct taxonomy of footwear given my belief that what I was wearing were not trainers. We also arranged to visit Jule and Thom in Chesterfield in February, making my first free weekend the 10th of Feb.

In other news, only 2 weeks until I go Skiing :-D

UPDATE: made free weekend language clearer