Franks 2000inch TV

Posted on Thu 11 January 2007 in geek

Jo very kindly came into town today to take advantage of her last week of employment at Empire of Evil and their staff discount. After an initial faffing on with a price higher than I was quoted on Tuesday the salesman came right down to the best web price I had found (but including installation). It will be delivered and installed on Monday so tonight I need to figure out exactly where on the wall it needs to be mounted. I also have to work out what to do with the old TV. Currys offered to take it off my hands but I figured at the very least I could Freecycle it. It is after all perfectly usable as a TV. Anyone looking to upgrade?

We then headed down to Suburb for an early lunch and general natter and catch up which was nice. I shall no doubt be inaugurating the new TV with a film night at some point.