Quick Catch Up

Posted on Wed 17 January 2007 in general

I took advantage of my flexible working to leave early last Friday to visit the lovely Fliss. As has been noted elsewhere there was, in rough order: Cocktails, parents, Kew Gardens, and catching up with old school friends. I did take a whole bunch of pictures which I should do a camera dump from my phone at some point. Sunday was slightly more subdued but it did give opportunity for a lie in and a chance to watch the beautifully shot Heaven. Leaving for the train was a little bittersweet but I shall be seeing Fliss on Friday and spending a week with her Skiing in Austria with the rest of the family :-)

Monday saw the delivery of my uber TV. The guys from Curry's arrived on the dot of 8.30 and had everything installed within an hour. So far everything is working well although I'd like to get an HDMI signal to it at some point. The guys suggested plugging the PS2 through it's SCART adaptor because the SCART input supported full RGB. However I'm wondering if it would be better to use the component inputs directly to cut down on any noise from whatever the cheap magic block that came with the PS2 may introduce. I'm also thinking about what I could do with the VGA input.

Jo came around today to see the TV in action. We watched The Dish which I enjoyed a lot. It's quite an understated film but sets the scene for the moon landings very well. It was a good reminder of how momentous an event it was at the time - something I think I'm too blase about having been raised during the "Space Age".

Only 4 days left until I Skiing. Woot!

EDIT: Component - not composite!