I always seem to misjudge when I should start normal activity after being ill. I played Badminton at lunch time and by the evening my hands had turned into little ice-blocks and I was feeling distinctly ropey. I shall be spending today mostly sleeping.


Oh how I hate this stage of a cold. My head feels like a big puffy ball of cotton wool. My balance is completely shot and my hearing is very asymmetrical at the moment. Still I’m glad I opted for the work from home option because that way I can do some work so I …

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Data Pimpage

A friend of mine has organised a panel debate on the subject of :“Free our Data”. The blurb runs as thus: “Should social researchers have unlimited access to the data that Government collects about individual UK citizens? Would the benefits of better evidence on which to base social policy outweigh concerns about privacy? Experts from …

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