Food and Power

Posted on Thu 01 February 2007 by alex in geek

My snazzy Ogg capable Samsung YP-U2R finally arrived yesterday. It's a nice little neat 2Gb solid state player with a built in FM tuner. It has it's own internal rechargeable battery which charges off the USB port. Well when I say charges I actually mean it draws enough power of my home desktop machine to cause the overload circuitry to kick in and kill the box. Luckily I had a powered hub handy.

This is all part of the grand plan to go to the gym tonight and not be put off by the single channel chav-tastic music tv channel they have it tuned into. I was originally going to be in on Tuesday but working until 21:30 kinda killed that idea.

The meal last night was Goulash. It didn't end up as red or gloopy as I thought it would. I think the main problem was attempting to upscale the liquids in the same ratio as the core constituents. The physicists noted the ability to reduce a sauce will be will probably be reduced if the increase in volume is not commensurate with an increase in the surface area. However people seemed to enjoy the food. The dilemma posed by the "Fruit" or "Sticky Chocolate Pudding" choice was also amicably solved so all round a good evening :-)