The Weekend

Posted on Mon 05 February 2007 in general

I was able to get the pipework for the upstairs bathroom sink finished pretty quickly. I'll probably need to revisit the waste drain pipe at some point but overall it's all good. That left me plenty of time to watch England's performance against Scotland. It wasn't a fantastic performance but certainly solid enough to give hope for the rest of the Six Nations. I'll be opening up the house next Saturday for anyone who wants to watch the England vs Italy match on my uber-TV while enjoying a few jars :-)

Saturday evening I had Aidan, Gillain, Anne and Paul along with Katie and Vince around for food and DVD's. We selected the rather dodgy Abducted by the Daleks from Andy's Doctor Who collection. It elicited many chortles while waiting for food. The slightly more noir-ish Lucky Number Slevin made up the main event. It was nice enough although I spotted the upcoming twist quite early on in the film.

I went for a walk around the water park with Lee and K on Sunday. I took my super kite out with me but the wind remained stubbornly still. Aidan returned the cooking favour in the evening while we watched Top Gear and some Buzzcocks before tootling home for an early bedtime.