Very Close

Posted on Sun 11 March 2007 in general

I wasn't confident we could pull it off but I was happy to be proved wrong. After a scrappy start it was good to see our subs make such an impact on the game. Now all we need is Scotland to hold France while Italy defeat Ireland and we are in with a chance. The alternative is to beat Wales by a good 40 or more points which may more a more tricky proposition.

I've been spending the weekend down in London. Friday night was taken up with a fantastic stir fry courtesy of Fliss as well as a quirky little Korean film called Little Bride. Saturday was shopping in Camden Market for some Goth kit for Whitby. Aidan and Gillian will be pleased to know I now have a pair of shiny black PVC lace up trousers and some skinny black drainpipe jeans.

Saturday evening saw us joining our parents to see The Entertainer at the Old Vic. It was quite a long show and the play itself is a little depressing. However after the slightly flat but witty first half it picked up quite well. I think the plaudits for the show went to grandpa as played by John Normingotn.

I'm heading back home on the train tomorrow morning where I shall find out if my car is still in one piece after spending the weekend with Lee ;-)