Posted on Wed 14 March 2007 in geek

As I was idly flicking through the menus on my TH42PX60 I discovered something unexpected under the Software Update menu's. There was a curious menu item called "Software License" which prompted the following email:

" I noticed that the License display on my Panasonic TH42PX60 displayed the Gnu General Public License in relation to the software on the TV. As you are no doubt aware by distributing binaries of GPL software you must also be able to provide the source code to the those same people on request.

Where can I get the source code for the software running on my TV?

As per the GPL I'm willing to pay a reasonable costs for physical media although obviously I would far prefer it if I could download the source code directly.

Alex Bennee "

They endeavour to answer my email within 24 hours. We shall see ;-)