Posted on Tue 10 April 2007 by alex in general

We were very lucky with the weather over the long weekend for Maelstrom. I had headed down on Thursday to join Fliss who was preparing her colony camp site. This gave us plenty of time to enjoy the weather while putting up the tents before time-in on Friday.

The Easter event is the longest one of the four as it gets the full benefit of the Bank Holiday. I didn't go in with any particular game plan or in fact go around doing any trading. However I still managed to fill my time quite nicely in Danny's usual meandering style. The Church put itself about a bit more this time and despite it's reduced numbers came out feeling pretty positive about the event. Fliss discovered the faucet of full-on LARP that results from being a colony leader. It was perhaps the fact I was pretty busy during the day which meant I was in bed pretty early most nights.

The only downsides was how cold the evenings were compared to the warmth of the days. My new inflatable bed is also about half a foot too short when shared. Luckily the attached nature of the built in sleeping bag combined with 2 duvets, 2 throws and 2 people kept us warm save our heads poking out the top.

All in all is was an excellent weekend which I enjoyed thoroughly.