Is it hay time already?

Posted on Thu 12 April 2007 in general

I had real difficulty getting to sleep last night. I'm not sure if it was the wine at the meal or if I'm coming down with another lurgy. By 6am I decided to give up and got up early and headed into work. I spent most of the day fighting with X and the dual head setup on my new desktop machine. It's a nice beefy machine but unfortunately these days Dell tend to ship the latest and greatest graphics cards so it's crappy binary drivers just to get the dual head features. It wasn't helped by the fact one of my monitors seems to be unable to be detected by X in the big screen configuration. Considering it's identical to the other one it's more than a little confusing. I have a work-around for the time being but it does make it a pain every-time I want to log out of my X session.

My early start did mean I headed home before 5. I've been filling the time with Rome season 2 which is proving most entertaining.