Weekend Report

Posted on Tue 17 April 2007 in general

I managed to fit a lot into my London weekend.

The journey down was uneventful aside from my dribbling nose which still seems to be some sort of hay-fever related thing. As I left later in the day I decided some recreational hacking was in order so I spent it tweaking my shell customisations and .emacs (actually the majority was getting transitive.el working so I could share the love ;-).

Once safely arrived in London Fliss treated me to a lovely improvised pasta dish and general entertainment until her Mum arrived back from the theatre. There may of been champagne involved - it's a theme.

Saturday morning was booked up by Fliss' cousin who was taking photographs for an art project on a subject close to my heart. This is how I ended up in a photo studio with a strategically placed flash unit in front of me while Fliss and her Mum posed for three reels of topless shoots. I could only wonder what was going on from the yelps and giggles and the shuffling of feet. I shall see the finished product later this year.

After the photo shoot we went to Borough Market for lunch and to pick up some food for the evening. We ended up in the bar enjoying hand made chocolates and a pint of summer ale in the rather warm weather. To take further advantage of the weather we went for a scenic walk down the South Bank before heading home to prepare for the evening.

Saturday night was set aside for Physics Jo's birthday party. After some initial navigational confusion locating Wimbledon village we finally located the rather posh bar. Jo has been wanting to meet Fliss ever since I started mentioning this new lady I was interested in on IM. They got on very well. One could say conspiratorially well. I'm not sure exactly what they talked about but I'm guessing my edification was not their main aim.

As a group we consumed an heroic quantity of champagne as is only fitting for someone like Jo. There where also cocktails, I remember some of them. I also remember Jo and Fliss competing to see who could lift each other the highest. Some of these attempts didn't achieve full stability. All in all a fun night was had by all.

Sunday was a relatively relaxed affair which saw us heading down to Tolworth to visit my Nana and have lunch with Uncle George and Aunt Sue. I don't get much opportunity to see my relatives mostly due to time constraints but also because a lot of them are down south. It was nice to catch up with everyone, especially Nana.

Having been suitably stuffed with Sunday lunch we headed back home before spending the evening reading to each other and finally slobbing in front of The Fifth Element.