25 to 89

Posted on Thu 26 April 2007 in general

I'm such an easy target for sales people. Part of the requirements laid down by my friends for this years Whitby is I get some proper black boots. So this lunchtime I dutifully ambled down to the Army Surplus store on Tibb Street to purchase some second hand army boots. Seeing the price difference between ?25 for an old pair and ?39 for a good looking (black) walking boots I tried them on. The sales guy waxed lyrical about the Magnum brand but none of those shoes had the external eyelets until you got to ?89. I decided to try them anyway just to see. As you would expect they where a lot more comfortable and waterproof to boot.

Still at least these are boots I'll be prepared to stomp around the countryside in so hopefully don't fall into my Mum's "fancy dress" category which she applied to the lace up PVC trousers :-)