Da Whitby Weekend

Posted on Wed 02 May 2007 in general

In what seems in danger of becoming a regular annual seaside jaunt I've spent a long weekend in Whitby, ostensibly for the Whitby Goth Festival. In reality it's more of an excuse for visiting the fresh air of the sea side, mingling it with some drinks and spending time with friends who may also happen to be Goths. We stayed in a nice little holiday cottage up on the west cliff side of Whitby. We shared with Aidan and Gillian (who had organised the place and brought bacon) and Jacob.

As part of a regular exercise pact with Mandy we went out for two runs this weekend. The Friday afternoon one was hampered a little by the large lunch I had eaten about an hour earlier. About half way through I was suffering from a stitch which forced me to slow down to a walk for a chunk of the route. We moved Sunday's run to an earlier noon slot to avoid conflicts with lunch but I ended up with a cramp in my right leg (and a rather unsettling lump) which halted me about half way around. The training has not been going well, but at least I did some running instead of spending the whole weekend in slob mode.

This was of course Fliss' first outing to the Goth Weekend. I was a little worried she wouldn't enjoy it given she didn't know anyone apart from Aidan and Gillian. I was of course being overly paranoid as she easily adapted to the Goth style and made plenty of new friends. Despite her raised eyebrows at the mention of Sunday's "Cheesy 80's night" at Laugtons she still succeeded in out dancing most of the people there. Hopefully the picture of her leading the conga line will come out well :-)

An excellent weekend all round :-D