DeCSS the return, history repeats

Posted on Wed 02 May 2007 in geek

I noticed a lot of duplicate stories in my "technews" RSS feed this morning. The were all coming from the Digg, the social-network story posting site. What had evidently happened was one of the processing keys for decrypting AACS "protected" HD-DVDs has been posted to the 'net. Digg received a cease and desist from some lawyers and started silently censoring stories. In a rather predictable reaction Digg got swamped while people demonstrated the futility of attempting to censor a number. I have started to see some more activity echoing the inventiveness showed when the content industry tried to put the genie back in the bottle when DeCSS was released to the world. There are already domain names, legal threats, and songs that contain the number. In fact a quick search on Google will show you how widespread the number is now. It's funny how history repeats itself isn't it?