May Day Weekend

Posted on Mon 07 May 2007 in general

I went down to Knutsford on Saturday for Mufi's slightly delayed birthday celebrations. We caught the tail end of the May day parade before retiring to the pub for lunch. We then headed down to the fun fair where I tried one of the largest fair ground rides I have seen for a while. There was also a few goes on the Dodgems as well as the traditional ripping off at some of the "skill" games. Admittedly my aim wasn't helped by a slight beer induced wobble in my aim, however the sights did seem pretty bent this time.

We headed back to Mufi's to continue the party although a bunch of us did stop for Doctor Who. There was also some extreme Croquet played which turns out to be quite a mean game.

Given the early start to the days activities I flaked out by around midnight. I believe everyone had finally crashed by 2am which is either a testament to our sensibility or our advancing years.

A laid back Sunday morning was spent drinking a small gallon of tea and watching Severance before heading back home. I spent most of Sunday afternoon with some friends from work at the Rain bar. I had toyed with the idea of holding a BBQ today but the weather is looking a bit too dodgy to take it on. I may try to hold a BBQ next weekend when Fliss is up.