Mundane Machinations

Posted on Mon 14 May 2007 by alex in general

Fliss has been visiting since Thursday. Thanks to the magic of public sector breaks she's able to stay up until after the Great Manchester Run next weekend. We thought we'd experiment with our living compatibility by trying to avoid making every day a special "do something day" which explains why we spent a chunk of Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning and pottering around the house. This has also lead to a re-imagining of my living room which seems to have worked out quite well. It certainly seems bigger now than it did. Hopefully it will keep some sort of tidy state for more than a few days.

We did do some other slightly more fun things over the weekend as well including visiting Knutsford for a rather nice Chinese Meal with Mufi and TJ on Friday. I did a reasonable 5km run on Saturday although I think I'll avoid the tow path for future training runs, it's just a little too uneven. We visited the Trafford Centre (argggh my eyes, how big is that chandelier!) to watch Spider-Man 3. My general impression of the film is although the action sequences are well executed the structure of the film is just pants.

We had an unscheduled visit from Anne and Paul on Sunday who then stayed to enjoy the newly re-configured living room and some chili as we watched Renaissance and Mesrs Pegg and Frost's Perfect Night In.

I retired a happy, content, and slightly full Alex :-)