Training Status

Posted on Mon 14 May 2007 by alex in general

Given the grey start to the day it was easy to postpone the run to this evening. It helped that the weather was nice and sunny this evening although of course I didn't now that this morning. 50 minutes for a 7.32km run isn't exactly a super pace setting time but it's 3/4 of race distance which makes me a lot happier about Sunday's race.

My thoughts now turn to what soundtrack I should listen to on the run. The last few weeks I've had Cream Anthems 2002 which is pretty bouncy from the get go. Today I had Matt Darey's Pure Euphoria which although it has some floaty sections it also has banging good tunes which helped lift me on the final few laps. Can anyone recommend any other good mixes that I can run to for 70-80 minutes?