The Run

Posted on Mon 21 May 2007 in general

It didn't go as well as I hoped due to the cramp (or possibly Shin Splints) I developed at the 2.5km stage. It was pretty much a repeat performance of the type of cramp I developed on my Sunday Whitby run. I had to stop running and break into a walk until it eased off. However once you've stopped running it's very hard to get going again and keep it up. I managed around 1hr15 which was worse than my first race which is disappointing. Although my training hasn't been spectacular this year I don't think it's general fitness that's the problem. It would be nice to know whats actually going on so I can actively try and avoid it happening in the future. Otherwise I may have to abandon running and concentrate on my other sports.

The weekend otherwise has been very pleasant. My parents came up on Thursday in order for my Dad to join me in the race. Fliss and I cooked for the first two days and we had some pleasant meals in town over the weekend. We also spent a large amount of time in the Budda Bags watching The Departed and The Queen, both good films. They head home today so I get 3 more days with Fliss to myself before she heads home. At some point we must get around to organising our holiday and I need to get my bike fixed up in time for the Metro being shut down over the summer.