Down with the Kids

Posted on Fri 08 June 2007 in general

Last night I had Sheila and Lee around for a meal and catch up natter. For the food I tried a variant of a stir-fry recipe Fliss taught me. I was quite happy I've finally seem to have got the hang of making Egg Fried Rice without having it all clump together. Sheila brought some very nice strawberries and ice cream for dessert and Lee added a bottle of his rather palatable home brew white wine.

Sheila showed me Facebook last night so I finally signed up to another one of the internet's hot social networking tools. It seems email is old school these days.

In other news I may be doing some DJ'ing during my trip to Canada next month. There seems to be some sort of collective approach to the wedding music. The bride and groom are keen to avoid the traditional wedding cheese (although I'm not sure I've been to a wedding recently that has played Jive Bunny, the Hokey Cokey or the Grease Megamix). The request for Goth, Alternative and Soft Electro may stretch my collection a little although some of the bands suggested where distinctly Indie which should be a lot easier.