Hot Hot Sun

Posted on Tue 12 June 2007 by alex in general

Not much to report on Maelstrom. Suffice it to say I had a good time. Someone commented that it's hard to get frustrated in your ambitions when your goals are being able to get to the bar. The weather was nice although a little stifling during the day, luckily I didn't have such accoutrements as armour to worry about. However as a bonus the evenings retained the heat which made it easier to hang around without freezing as soon as the sun went down. In fact the only real frustration was finding the bar had run out of real beer (and lager) on Sunday given I wasn't driving.

We came back in plenty of time to catch the repeat of the latest Doctor Who. I have to say the last three episodes have been stonking ones. This episode will have no doubt left many kids hiding behind the sofa. Even I let a little yelp of surprise pass my lips when the face of one of the Weeping Angels was revealed. I'm looking forward to the final three episodes :-)

Today I brought Fliss her birthday present. I'm pretty sure she will like it. I'm faced with the dilemma of letting her take it back to London this weekend or lugging with me on the train the following weekend. I'm not sure if it's a good test or mental torture to have a birthday present wrapped up sitting in your bedroom for a week.