After the dust has settled

Posted on Tue 19 June 2007 in general

Fliss was up for the weekend for Rocky Horror. I bowed to the inevitable (as well some practicalities) and gave Fliss her birthday present a week early. I'm pretty sure she likes her new Evoke-3 DAB Radio. It's quite a full featured radio which along with the very handy multi-alarm setting (no more remember to turn the alarm off for the weekend) it also can record, pause and rewind live radio.

Rocky Horror was the appropriate amount of fun. My feet were not nearly as sore this time around although I did limp a little on Sunday to keep the weight off the ball of my right foot. I think I may invest in some new friendlier shoes before the next Rocky outing.

Sunday was mostly lazing playing PS2 games (having resisted buying the ?299 PS3 again). We joined Andy, Ant and Sal going to see Rise of the Silver Surfer. It wasn't a spectacular film, pretty much what you'd expect from a comic book tie in. I'd probably rank it higher than this years Spiderman but not by much. According to Fliss my last few movie picks have been pretty poor so I'll be deffering to her choices for a bit. This assumes she'll want to see Transformers this summer of course :-)

Fliss was able to catch the Monday morning train this visit which was really nice. I suspect my soppy romantic conversion is almost complete when I start running alongside trains to wave her off...