Talk Talk Talk

Posted on Fri 29 June 2007 in geek

The conference has been going well. I haven't had much downtime though as the last two nights have had welcoming parties or BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions. The talks as you might expect have all been quite technical and geeky. Last night was IBM's Cell BoF session which was more of a hurrah for their architecture. They had a lot of interesting stuff there but unfortunately I didn't win any of the 7 PS3's they where giving away. There was free beer though which they provide a pretty decent range of.

My network access has been incredibly flaky, especially when accessing my work VPN. This is mainly due to a bug in Ubuntu's dhcp client which keeps killing my resolv.conf by overwriting the local DNS server. Until I figured out what was happening this was a real pain in the ass as I tried to update some of my work at the office so it stands a chance of being in the baseline when I get back off holiday.