It's not a stag

Posted on Wed 04 July 2007 in general

Stella, it seems, can give you a bad headache whichever country you drink it in. It's not like I had a lot during Brika and Jordan's combined bachelour/bachelourette bash but the days of the OLS have obviously spoilt me for choice - it was Stella or Carlsberg. The food at Kinki was OK although the menu was heavily biased towards fish and sushi which Fliss would have probably enjoyed more. We ended up at the "Industrial" night at Zaphod Beeblebrox (after having taken a little detour back to my hotel to pick up ID). My initial impressions is that the Canadian flavour of "Industrial" may be slightly different from it's definition across the pond (I'm sure there was some Orbital at one point, the Chemical Brothers apparently too mainstream). It was quiet due to the Tuesday date but we had fun anyway. It was a little odd being able to talk to each other while sat around the dance floor, the music was loud but not so loud we had to shout to make ourselves heard.

Today I explore the seat of government :-)