Driving Miss Daisy

Posted on Mon 09 July 2007 in general

I've managed about 5 hours behind the wheel now without incident. I'm currently typing this up as Fliss gives the wilds of Route 60 a shot. I'm not a big fan of the hire car (a Dodge Avenger) as it feels very wide. The large engine (somewhere between 2.5 and 3.4l)is also wasted on the automatic gear box. Having said that I really wouldn't want to be re-training my gear shifting skills while coping with a whole new traffic system. The stop/go of an automatic does make driving in town really lazy. Adapting to driving on the right hand side of the road has not been too hard, I just repeat the mantra "they drive on the right" every morning. The "right on red" rule makes sense and I've done it a few times now. Once thing that could do with improving though, especially in Quebec, is the road signs. You get very little waring of the turns and the road signs are postage stamp sized so you need super vision to resolve the name in time for the turn.

One feature I do like on this car however is the cruise control. I assume it's a pretty standard feature because the motorway traffic maintains a smooth steady flow at constant speed. When you get to someone you wish to overtake you simply pull out while adding a few notches to the cruise control and then notch down once you go past again.