Brika and Jordan's Wedding

Posted on Mon 09 July 2007 in general

We arrived for the main event on Friday evening after a day at the Museum of Civilisation. They have rented a massive cabin/retreat called Enoichie with which to host all the ceremonies. I think there where about 40 people staying at the retreat itself with more coming in from elsewhere. Friday was just a mingle and drink with a little swimming pool and hot tub action thrown in.

Saturday was probably one of the most relaxed build ups to a wedding I've had so far. It started with a healthy Canadian style breakfast involving Bacon/Egg/Hash Notates with Pancakes and Maple Syrup. This was followed by a nice wander though the forest trail walk and some lounging in the hot tub. About an hour before the ceremony we jumped in the shower and got ready and wandered down into the glade where the ceremony was to be held.

The ceremony itself was a Unitarian one with some pagan influences and even a Hebrew reading thrown in for good measure. I have to admit even my normal steely nature softened and my eyes went a bit moist during the vows. It was really lovely the way they included Jordan's kids from his first marriage quite so completely in the ceremony.

After the sit-down the evenings celebrations started with a belly-dance. The couple then took position for the first dance of the Time-Warp before we settled into the usual disco.

The DJ'ing was beset by a few technical difficulties including the lack of cros-fader mixing deszk and the inability of being able to wire up my laptop to the sound system. Despite these little hurdles (and prior planning to bring some CD's and blanks) I managed to muddle through alternating with Graham's sets. People seemed to be happy with the music and it was quite pleasing to get people dancing.