Canada is made of Lakes

Posted on Mon 09 July 2007 in general

We set out from the wedding venue after yet another large breakfast for our cross country trek over the top of Ontario and through the Algonquin Provincial Park. Our departure from Quebec was slightly delayed by a us trying to find a garage that sold any maps of the province. Once suitably equipped we were on our way.

Lakes are one of Canada's most common features. These are both natural and man/beaver made. One of the drawbacks of lakes however is the large number of mosquito's that breed in them. Fliss and I are now sporting the signs of feasting from the last 3 days.

We had planned on doing a few walks in the park but after our visit to the Beaver walk and the subsequent feasting on our tasty European blood we decided to haul through to Huntsville. The Beaver walk was impressive however. The guide book enthused on impact beavers can have on their local environment, an impact that only man can beat.

We stopped off at a motel where we splashed out for the room with it's own jacuzzi and ginormous Emperor bed. After discovering that all the state owned liquor stores were closed we stayed for a meal and a few beers at one of the river/lakeside pubs. We were caught in a rather impressive thunderstorm on the way back to our room and ended up rather damp although not too cold. We decided to take advantage of the facilities and watched the final episode of Doctor Who from the jacuzzi.

Today we are heading down to Toronto and exploring the downtown area. The hotel we selected does have it's own pool and 3 story water slide but I'm sure we won't get around to playing with that :-)