Posted on Tue 10 July 2007 in general

Yesterday we "did" Toronto. Given the size of the place it's pretty impossible to get a proper idea of what it's like so we stuck to tourist traps and Jazz.

After a few rounds on the hotels water slide to unwind from the drive down we headed out to the CN Tower. Given the fact the tower is basically a large lump of cast concrete the only really impressive thing about is it's height. The lift certainly gives you an excellent view as it rises the tower and you do get a good view of the whole of Toronto from the observation deck. The glass floor section is also vertigo inducing (for me) although Fliss quite happily bounced up and down on it. I've never been a big believer in tempting fate. We resisted the temptation of spending more money on the standard green screen memento picture and left the tower having only spent $40 (~?20).

We then visited C'est What <>, a hostelry that specialises in local Canadian micro brews. Top of the menu was their "Hemp Ale" which tasted surprisingly not of hemp, maybe adding a slight oily finish to the beer. We dinned on some huge ribs while sampling a few more beers. Fliss then proceeded to thrash me at pool before I conceded defeat and one or two favours to her.

Following a recommendation from the bar we navigated Toronto's public streetcar system to The Rex <>, a famous although not air-conditioned Jazz venue. We caught the first set of a Jazz Quartet of Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano. The guitar player gave the air of Robert Di'nero having a siezure as he worked his way through each song. The drummer, the most relaxed band member, was a cross between William H Macy and Steve Bushemi. Despite early warning signs of "Jazz Wank" in the first song it mellowed out into some pretty cool old standards including a guest spot by some fellow musicians (Trumpet and Soprano Sax) who had just walked in for a drink.

We then headed back to the hotel for a well deserved rest to prepare for today's excursion to Niagra.