Fast Forward

Posted on Mon 23 July 2007 by alex in general

Some sales people deserve shooting. There is no justification for selling gold plated 1.5m HDMI cables for ?60-100 and if an "inferior" cable was giving me "lower than VHS quality" I'd take it back because obviously some of the bits are jumping across air to get to my TV.

So in quick recap. Montreal was good. Entirely by accident we managed to arrive just as the Just For Laughs festival was kicking in. We caught a couple of shows, Phil Nichol's The Naked Racist and God's Pottery. Both were very funny although bonus points must go to God's Pottery for playing it completely straight through out.

After a slight delay at the airport we made it back to blighty in one piece. A brief rest followed before navigating our way through 2 hours of London rush hour traffic to get to Fliss' Mum's. I got to meet her brother, his wive and their two sons. After watching a LRP related documentary we crashed to sleep. The following day my parents popped round do join the family gathering to celebrate the wedding. A fun time was had by all.

I drove back up on Wednesday (avoiding the temptation of the M6 Toll) before driving south again on Friday for Maelstrom. The event was OK if a little washed out from the rain. I was very tired from a combination of jet lag and several hundred miles of driving.

New week, new start. I have a pile of project related stuff to bang out now. To the grind!