Splish Splash

Posted on Wed 08 August 2007 in geek

Cleaning the hob in my kitchen was not the most exciting thing I did last night. During my visit to Asda to pick up the legion of cleaning products and bin liners I needed for my task I also picked up a copy of the "Official Playstation Magazine" which had some playable demos for my shiny new toy.

Ridge Racer confused me. It's a very shiny racing game but the drifting aspect just seems digital and unnatural. I suspect if you ever actually try to drive like that you'd end up a dark smear on the road very quickly.

Super Rub 'a' Dub was a demo version of a download-able game from the Playstation store. It looks very much like a tech demo with very nicely animated water effects and cutesy puzzle play. I'm not massively impressed with the six access controller though. I guess they dropped the rumble pack for battery life but the Wii has shown how effective a rumble can be for feedback which would be useful when your sloshing a tray of water about.

The final game I had a gander at was Genji: Days of the Blade which is a very pretty fighter game. I was quite impressed running around a beautifully rendered canyon complete with splashing through the stream. All in all from my point of view the PS3 is very pretty and obviously making use of the ridiculous amount of power the Cell offers. I think despite my earlier reservations about the Playstation store I may have to wander over and see what other content they have there.