Quite Period

Posted on Mon 20 August 2007 in general

I've not written much about the last week or so mainly due to the lack of time. Work has continued to be very busy as we head towards the beta release. I managed a few trips to the gym, finally finished Cyrptonomicom, finished Resistance: Fall of Man with Andy, and attended a few birthday and wedding celebrations.

I spent the last weekend down in London visiting Fliss who I hadn't seen for 4 or so weeks. Ostensibly I was to be looking after Fliss in her post-operative haze. In the end the operation was cancelled by the consultant so we spent a lazy weekend playing LotR: Return of the King and watching various movies including the Bourne Ultimatum. The Bourne film was pretty much as expected although as I may of previously mentioned the propensity for "shaky cam" was distracting. As we were sat so close to the front of the screen I had a mild headache by the end of it.

I have been powering my way through the last Harry Potter book the last week. I'm not a super fan of series but it is entertaining easy reading. My main motivation in reading it is to know how it finishes before I have a "Vader is Lukes father" moment.