London Calling

Posted on Thu 23 August 2007 in general

There was an amusing story last night involving know when the August Bank Holiday actually was. Due to some sleepy conversation with Fliss a few days before I thought it was next weekend and we had made some plans accordingly. Hence this weekend was a more than normal flying visit to London with me heading back to Manchester on Sunday while Fliss abandoned me for role-playing in the evening. Last nights elucidation has spurred a quick re-arrangement of travel plans. Pleasingly it turns out Virgin Trains aren't complete twats and the re-scheduling of my ticket only cost ?5 (although I do need to post tickets back to them to claim the refund).

So I will be down in London until Tuesday morning and I'm kicking my heels on Sunday evening so will gladly entertain distractions.

UPDATE:So I'm at Roo's for evening roast, but if anyone else want to catch up over the rest of the weekend then give me a shout.