Boxen Required

Posted on Thu 06 September 2007 by alex in geek

As part of my plan* I find myself in need of a hosted virtual machine. The requirements are not very high, a few hundred MB of RAM, 20Gb or so of HD space and an IP address to itself. I'd be happier with a virtual machine than sharing an existing machine because that way I don't need to worry about hosing someones setup when I migrate's email and web hosting to it. If anyone is involved in a box rental consortium and has a spare Xen partition then I'm all ears.

I shipped RC1 of my projects beta to the release engineering people today. I've been quite pleased on how stuff has come together this week so I can go to Maelstrom at the weekend without feeling too bad about it. Obviously there is still plenty of work to get done for the 1.0 release (never mind the next few Beta release candidates I'm sure we will have to do) but it's a nice milestone none the less. I may have a beer or three tonight to celebrate.

*Plan includes selling house, finding place with Fliss, settling down, yada, yada, yada