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Posted on Tue 11 September 2007 in geek

Aidan noted I hadn't mentioned SCO's rather devastating judgement in the Novell case. If I had of been less busy I may well of posted something but in my opinion it's just another step in the long road of SCO's legal campaign. I have long ceased to worry that anything from the case will materially affect Linux going forward. It does seem however SCO want to die by a thousand cuts.

I spent the weekend in a field in Derby at Maelstrom. My usual bumbling about was slightly overshadowed by an assassination attempt on the leader of one of the colonies. Next game I shall have to cope with the very real possibility that there are characters who want Danny dead. Exciting games ahead!

I caught up with Jessie last night as a bunch of us went out for a meal at The Frozen Mop near Knutsford. This was the same restaurant Fliss and I went to last week with Mufi and TJ. While the food was nice the service was rather poor again. I doubt I shall go there again.

I seem to have become very busy this week. Today is definitely gym day but I have the Wednesday Meal tomorrow, Investors Party on Thursday, and Lucy's meal on Friday. The weekend will then involve some paint-balling and if not too knackered more house clearing tasks.