Posted on Sun 16 September 2007 by alex in general

Today is going to be a gentle one methinks. Fliss and I went paint-balling yesterday to celebrate Karl's (of Phil and Karl) birthday. Most of the 24 strong group ended up on one team playing a bunch of teenagers who seemed shocked at how we kept beating them. Of course they did keep loosing players due to the inability to listen to instructions like "Masks off and don't touch your guns".

The final free for all (a.k.a. use up your paint) was the most devastating in bruises. I've got a fairly good grouping down my left hand side although they haven't come up nearly as purple as Fliss'. I think Chris and Marcus got particularly large welts which explains why they didn't make it out for drinks in the evening. It's slight silver lining to my current weight that it affords a bit of padding :-)

We joined some of the veterans of the days warfare at the rather swank Odder bar for a few drinks in the evening. We didn't stay out too late though on account of rapidly synchronising mutual yawns. Today, predictably, everything hurts.