Pizza Mode

Posted on Thu 20 September 2007 in general

We entered Pizza mode this week to crunch through the 25 or so bugs that are currently gating the Beta release. By the end of Tuesday we'd gotten down to zero critical bugs and it looked good for another release candidate on Wednesday and I'd get home in time to cook the Wednesday meal. Luckily I hedged when I selected to the meal and picked a starter and main from the "Quick and Easy" cookbook.

I was all ready to leave the office around 1700 yesterday when one of the features we tweaked turned out to have broken horribly in the last baseline. Hilarity* ensued as headless chicken mode was engaged. In the end I had to leave some of my team mates with the problem so I could get home and prepare the meal. Luckily they got it all fixed up while I was away (which I checked by logging into the network at 11.00 after everyone had gone home).

The meal itself went well. I went for a simple soup followed by healthy** turkey breasts with seasonal vegetables. It all seemed to go down well, as did the rather lavish Profiterole Gateaux that followed for desert.

There has been more running around today but currently the bug database is looking a little sparse. I'm hoping this lasts until the weekend.
* for certain values of hilarity, may not actually be hilarious
** until the large chunks of butter and pot of Creme Fraiche. According to Fliss Wednesday can be my cream night :-)