Our House

Posted on Sun 07 October 2007 in general

My house has become Our house again as Fliss has moved in with me in Manchester.

The move itself went quite well although having to get up at 6.30am so we could load the TV into the van and leave before being parked in the bus lane incurred a fine. On the plus side it did mean we made it to Manchester before mid-day. Several people came around to help unload the van. Thanks go to Anne, Paul, Aidan and Mark for helping with the unloading.

The extra hands and early arrival ensured we had the whole van unloaded by the start of the England vs Australia quarter final. It was an incredibly tense game, especially with some divided loyalties in the room :-). We celebrated the result with a little bubbly and I'm looking forward to the next game, especially after France did us a favour taking out New Zealand.

The rest of the truncated evening and this morning was concerned with playing with some of the games I had downloaded from the Playstation store. I say truncated because Fliss went to bed during the New Zealand game and I quickly followed after it was finished.